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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Hope everyone can enjoy this day of great food, relaxation, turkey-coma naps, super-fattening desserts, high spirits, loved ones, movies, music, sports (if you really must), and all that is good about life. As for the remainder of the're welcome to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with us mean ol' Americans too. But keep an eye out for Zombie Turkeys––they are out there. And where you least expect them.


No, really––I researched it––the dog was there.


 THANKSGIVING TABLE 2017! Mom has done another amazing job! Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, mac'n'cheese (at Dad's insistence), and gravy are all heating up in the oven. Can't wait to eat!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Life beats down and crushes the soul and #art reminds you that you have one."
––Stella Adler
 (American actress and acting teacher)

Of all the creatures in the world, birds seem to epitomize thought, mystery, peace, adventure, and beauty both dark and bright––to me they seem to harbor the greatest part of our souls that we, as humans, are forever trying to capture and hold onto.  For we are forever trying to take flight.  Whether it be into the boundless inner-space of our imaginations or the vast universe we call outer space.––C.A.B.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christopher Alan Broadstone

UPDATE––Well folks, I'm finally working on the end sequence of my new short film and very specifically the last shot. It's been a long haul––10 months of countless hours––to get this far. 400+ clips have been placed, at over 700 cuts. And that doesn't include any of the audio work. And almost all of those 400 clips have required SFX work, minor and major.

There is still much to do, but the light is at last shining at the end of the tunnel. I hope this little 14min epic won't let you down. :) COMING SOON!

 A CATCH IN TIME––Reader Pic

It's so great that Jim (≈9x Keyboardist/Musician) took time from his busy schedule to not only read and truly enjoy my novella A CATCH IN TIME, but to snap these great pics and even write a review on Amazon. :) Thanks so much Jim!

Monday, November 13, 2017

I am very sorry to hear of the death of CARL FORD. :'(

Carl ran the film review website (which is still active) and gave me the second genuine review I ever had for my films "Scream For Me" and "My Skin!”––back when only a handful were aware of my efforts.

Although I never knew Carl well, I did chat with him several times over the years and considered him a friend. His girlfriend, Grete Kotryna Domarkaite, made this announcement today: “I'm deeply sorry to inform everyone that Carl Ford passed away in hospital earlier this evening due to end-stage cystic fibrosis complications. His wonderful family (parents Joan and George, younger sister Ashley+partner Jamie and niece Georgina) and I were by his side at the time.”

Thank you for your early support, Carl. Be well and at peace wherever you may be. :) Hopefully in Goth heaven and still dancing like a madman.

Please check out Carl’s long running site, my reviews are still there in his archives :) :

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Looking forward to this one. The Capote book is VERY good. And I have also spent considerable time helping a close friend research much about the Clutter Family murders, myself writing letters and talking to prisons, US Marshal Service, GARY McAVOY (a noted collector/auctioner of personal items of the killers, many other documents, etc.) and many others in research to locate one person who has almost never been spoken to about the murders: JOHN J. McRELL, a one time fellow prisoner and a man very close to the main killer PERRY SMITH. Sadly, this documentary project has never come to pass. I, nonetheless, have accumulated some interesting information; my partner in this crime having acquired several personal items of killer PERRY SMITH.

Look for COLD BLOODED: THE CLUTTER FAMILY MURDERS––Sundance Channel––Two-Night Event Starts Saturday, November 18 at 9/8c.

From Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger, COLD BLOODED: THE CLUTTER FAMILY MURDERS presents a 360-degree view and re-examination of the brutal murders chronicled in Truman Capote’s classic novel, “In Cold Blood”.

More info here:

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Being in the military––fighting the fight none of us civilians really want to see first hand––is far too often a thankless job. A thankless job that literally costs life and limb. Today on VETERANS DAY 2017––when you sink into your comfy couch and pop up a movie on Netflix or simply text a friend on your smartphone, remember who helped make your very pleasant day possible, and say thank you to all the veterans out there: past and present and those soldiers still in the trenches and the ongoing battlefields both domestic and abroad. THANK YOU!