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Monday, September 26, 2022



A Making-Of Documentary:
Reinventing Perspective


As of today––after a year-plus of work––I have reached a complete edit of the ’HNM’ Making-Of Documentary!  WOOHOO!  It is an epic at 2-hours & 36-minutes (including opening titles & end credits), but nonetheless entertaining and informative (I hope).  Now begins the final polishing and tweaking and the somewhat complex audio mix––then final output.  I’m still shooting for a late October release on Amazon Prime Video, but we shall see how it all goes.  In the meantime enjoy these ‘random’ stills from the movie, as well as  the teaser at:

“HNM” Doc NOW on IMDb:

"HNM: A Making-Of Documentary: Reinventing Perspective" is a celebration of the creation of the truly independent feature film "Human No More". From the first days of pre-production through to the final day of production--and more--this visual and aural journey is for anyone who loves behind-the-scenes cinema, supports indie moviemaking, and wants to learn about independent filmmaking when you have little-to-nothing but your own imagination, talent, and elbow grease to create the magic. "HNM: A Making-Of Documentary" explores "Garage Cinema" at its most epic. Fox, Universal, Sony, and Disney have no power here.

***Featuring ‘HNM’ Official Soundtrack Music by Stewart Eastham.

Listen To Samples & Grab Your Own

From The 'HNM' DOC:

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Sunday, September 11, 2022



9-11 will go down in my personal history as a day I will always remember.  The horror, the fear, the disbelief, the uncertainty of what would come next.  But I also remember how Americans came together and stood together––stood behind what the United States has always stood for: true freedom.  Freedom of thought and expression for all––and making America great again for everyone, no matter their religion, their politics, or the color of their skin…

Now, 21 years later, saying things like ‘make America great again’ is called terrorism by the current President of The United States, and backed as terrorism by most of the mainstream media, Big Tech, and social media.  ‘Make America great again’ is called fascism by ‘color-washing’ and ‘pinkwashing’ extremists that now reside in positions of power from the militant, rioting gutter-trash called ANTIFA to the the heads of the largest corporations, to the U.S. House and the Senate, to the W.H.O., to W.E.F., to the mega-globalist corporation/holding-company ’BLACK ROCK’ (at the very top), which is trying to (and literally beginning to) dictate how we all live, eat, talk, think, work, and die.  If you don’t know anything about what I’m talking about, wake up and do some genuine research that goes beyond the talking-heads on your TV and the memes on your smartphone.  But most importantly, never forget 9-11 and how it brought the greatest country in the world together, hand-in-hand––regardless of ideology, religion, race, or sex––to ‘make America great again’.