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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WOW! Very cool! SLIPKNOT has released an interactive 360-degree live video on YouTube.
Try it out. When bored with what's on screen, just use your cursor to move around the stage. That's right, just "click & drag" the view on-screen around with your cursor.

UPDATED PAGE––3 DEAD GIRLS! on The Horror Nation:

Just so folks can have a more accurate description of my sordid DVD project, that will one day become all HD. :D But in the meantime...

Please visit 3DG on THE HORROR NATION:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I'd love to see this new documentary on the amazing JOHN COLTRANE. But it's only playing this weekend here in Dallas before moving on. But check out the trailer and the link to upcoming screenings for showings in your town.

Find screenings and get tickets here:

Enjoy the CHASING TRANE trailer here:

Such a terrible shame about the Manchester bombings. An example of "wrong" in its most profound form. Open boarders have worked sooooooo well. Brought nothing but friends and flowers and smiles and sunshine into our lives in the West. 30 years ago I wrote some lyrics titled LIFE IS CHEAP IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Unfortunately, they still hold true today, except now the Middle East has been brought to the west. Yippy. :(

On the corner, a gun
With a man in its hand.
He's there night and day
Burning each country's flag.
But today is a holiday.
He's got nothing to do,
Except rally and preach
Of better living through dying
For one more private army --
Life is cheap
Life is cheap
Life is cheap in the Middle East!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Please read about my great friend Judith Herdman––who has helped me with proof reading many of my published stories––and If you can please donate anything you're able to, to help her get the surgery she desperately needs. Thank you. Please feel free to help Judith by sharing this post. Again, thank you.

Learn about Judith's Blepharoplasty Surgery and,
if you can donate, please do so here:

Friday, May 12, 2017




Make some popcorn, turn out the lights, crank up the stereo, and turn on the time machine! Enjoy this Behind-The-Scenes Super-8mm Vintage Feature now showing (for the first time since 1986) on YouTube. :)

Featuring CHAD DRAPER, TANA (The Studio Cat),
THE JUMP-ROPE GIRLS & The Girlfriends!

Please watch THE MAKING OF “THERE IS NO…” here:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

HAHAHAHA! Well...seems IRON SKY (sci-fi/comedy/parody/B-Movie/Whatever it is) has its fans, and will be back with a sequel in 2018, IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE!

Due to escaped Nazis finding refuge and thriving on the Moon, the original has been dubbed racist by some, but as one viewer on Netflix states quite sensibly: "... there is a difference between portraying racism to make fun of it (as this movie does) and portraying it to encourage it. If you can't tell the difference between the two portrayals, perhaps you don't have enough intellectual machinery to be watching a parody." Amen to that!

Enjoy the IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE trailer here: 


THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM (Coming September 2017)––Starring BILL NIGHY (who is always quite good).

Billed by LIONSGATE as a "horror-thriller film", this looks Sherlock-Holmesie cool and high-brow, and I'm always a bit of a sucker for the macabre Victorian vibe, so...this adaptation of PETER ACKROYD's 1994 murder-mystery novel might make for a great watch on a cold winter night. I'm in––anyone want to bring the candles?

Enjoy THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM trailer here: 


WOODSHOCK (Coming September 2017)––Starring KIRSTEN DUNST. Debut from writer/directors KATE & LAURA MULLEAVY.

Hmmmmmm...trippy...arty...but will it make any sense or be any good? Time will tell. Although I often don't mind watching Kirsten when she's turning on her creepy sex appeal.

Enjoy the WOODSHOCK trailer here: 


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

55 Min./In Stereo/Vintage Super-8mm Doc!
("Click" poster to view large)



& The Girlfriends!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Loving my new PSYCHO T-Shirt!  

I normally don't like full shirt printed T's, but this one worked for me.
Over-the-top for an over-the-top Norman and mooooooootheeeer!!!


16 Reasons Not To Live In California

Article here:

JUST ACHING TO MAKE PEOPLE DESPISE ME MORE, I GUESS...for speaking my mind and the truth (as only I see it, I'm sure; me a demon among angels, as usual)––always a bad thing, it seems. :) Hmmmm, yes...

Such a shame about California, isn't it? :( But oh soooo true. I know, I lived there from 1995 to 2016––so I doubt anyone will be able to convince me otherwise. What saddens me most is that some great people I know are among the fray. But to each his/her own, for I know they would never leave. As the TALKING HEAD's David Byrne sings: "Home, is where I want to be, But I guess I'm already there." And I am home now too. Thank the powers that be for that. No state income tax, low gas prices, easy to deal with the DMV (unlike CA), truly a far more relaxed feeling here in TX; mostly peaceful and quiet and people get along––except for the typical individual killings that are plaguing the nation over all.
Seems people have learned that there is no debating with others and reasoning with logic––because very few are logical nowadays (but were they ever?). The only way you change someone's mind is to kill them. Welcome to the cancer of the world growing in leaps and bounds. And I really don't think it will ever stop––gun control won't fix it––it's just too easy to kill someone, if you simply, wholeheartedly want to (a kitchen knife or a hammer will always suffice). And all of this is generally the result of a planet with too many people all wanting too much and wanting it yesterday all the time. This is the legacy of the human race, which, in all truth, has been unfolding endlessly since the beginning of the species.
Now, however, there is a slight, yet alarming, difference: the deafening cries of the few––special interests and the media––far outweigh the needs of the many, who must hold their tongue. At least until they pop...explode. And this "popping" or "exploding" will continue indefinitely, because people are fed up. The usually calm and sensible crowd are all fed up with a world going terribly out of focus––forced out of focus by the "victims", the special interests, and the media. Thus, most people are now "mass" victims of the minority of "victims". Reminds me of lyrics I wrote for an ≈9x song 30 years ago, called "Get Me Off This Planet":

"Looky, there's a pimple on the planet
"Looky, the pimple is a man
"Looky, the man is going to explode
"With everything I cannot stand --"

I'm sure many will disagree with what I'm saying. But they are the squeaky wheel singular "victims"...and worst of all, the "pedantic": the overripe, self-righteous, devil-in-the-details, know-all geeks who believe their way is the only way––because they're "smart", they are the "media". They are the most dangerous ones forcing the world out of focus, because they go out of their way to control even the singular "victims". And possibly irreparably so. A world war is on the brink. But this world war will be fought on every continent and in every person's yard. The days of the caveman approach steadily. Seems the troglodyte is unconquerable.

Alas, the more that things change, the more they stay the same. I hope time will prove me wrong about a new World War, but only time can do that. We are all sitting on the beach of Uhgggg and the high tide of calamity is rolling in. Have a nice day Humans, on this ever bloody planet Earth. :)

16 Reasons Not To Live In California article here:

16 Reasons Not To Live In California

Article here: