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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I recently picked up one of my all-time fav movies (dirt cheap at $7.50 on Amazon [now $11.50]) on Blu-ray, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. The film stars Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza (who is another one of those movie-character-girls that's just for me). (i.e.; the kind I never get, let alone hardly find in my life.)  (The rare kind that actually, seriously, ask you if you'd go back in time with them.)  (I said, yes.)  (As you might notice, however, I'm still here.)  (Safety not guaranteed––not with women, not with music, not with writing, not with filmmaking, not with... I guess that makes me more of a risk taker than I thought.)

At any rate...I know some consider this film very shallow. I don't. It has great and insightful humor. And, bottom line is...well, many throughout my life have wondered what I'm all about––hmmmm––I'm really not all that complicated.  Just watch this film and you'll know a whole lot about the inside of me and how I feel and how I work. By the end of this movie I always have a tear in my eye and I think of just one girl. (Yeah, one of those ones I'll never have.)

Enjoy the trailer here:

 Enjoy the film version of the film's theme song: BIG MACHINE

Now enjoy the bigger studio version of the song: BIG MACHINE

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ALL NEW for 2016! –– From Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!
Well, it's been about a month and half since any new food, so let's start with something light, spicy, and delicious to get the New Year rolling: Gourmet Jalapeno Peanut Butter Sandwich.

First, I started with two fresh slices of Nature's Harvest 40 Calorie Multigrain Bread. I spread a layer of spicy brown mustard on the bottom piece and cut it in half, then added two slices (per half bread) of sharp cheddar cheese, and then a leaf of fresh kale on each. On the top piece of bread I spread a medium-thick layer of Loco Cowpoke Jalapeno Peanut Butter ( Great stuff! Slicing the bread in half, I place each halved piece on top of the two bottom halves of the sandwich. Topping of each sandwich half are thin slices of cucumber and one black olive, drizzled with cayenne pepper.

As a side are two green onions, two pepperoncinis for an extra kick, and at last a healthy helping of Pretzel Crisps (Everything Deli Style). Outstanding!

NOTE: Just as of this year, your local Ralphs now carries several flavors of Pretzel Crisps. Give 'em a try, they're low calorie and only 1gm of fat per serving. They're great with any sandwich or make an excellent snack!
Hey, everyone!  Check out my writing and video editing work station speaker shelf 2016, with the addition of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe Bobbledhead (Limited Edition #856 of 1500)!  Thanks Mom & Dad for the super inspiring, a la macabre Xmas gift!  Now if I could just get to editing and writing some more (instead of nevermore).

Pretty cool combo, Poe and Burroughs!  Check it out!

"The label “American original” gets slapped onto a lot of different people, but it seems to me that, especially in the realm of letters, we could find no two luminaries who merit it more in the 19th century than psychological horror pioneer Edgar Allan Poe, and in the 20th century William S. Burroughs, sui generis even within the Beat Generation. So how could we resist featuring the recording just below, free to hear on Spotify (whose software, if you don’t have it yet, you can download here), of Burroughs reading Poe’s tale — because, as you know if you read him, he wrote not stories but tales — “The Masque of the Read Death”?



Monday, January 25, 2016

TERMINUS (2015 –– Limited Release –– In Theaters January 22, 2016)

Starring JAI KOUTRAE ("Death's Requiem", "Benjamin Troubles"), KENDRA APPLETON ("In Your Dreams", "Blue World Order"), and TODD LASANCE ("Vampire Diaries", "Spartacus: War Of The Damned"), TERMINUS is tautly directed by MARC FURMIE ("Death's Requiem", "Airlock").

I've told this story more than once, but here I go again, simply because MARC FURMIE and JAI KOUTRAE are back to together on TERMINUS––each reprising their respective roles of Director and Actor, as they did in DEATH'S REQUIEM (2003).

I first met Jai––by pure chance––way back in 2004 at the HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL and then later saw DEATH'S REQUIEM––by pure chance––at the SHRIEKFEST FILM FESTIVAL (L.A. 2007) and said to myself, "I know that guy!  I'm loving this movie, too!  And he'd be so great for so many film ideas I have!"

Jai Koutrae: "Death's Requiem"

How we reconnected after that, I don't quite remember, but we did.  And to this day we’ve stayed in touch through that love/hate social media debauch known as Facebook (often me asking him to read a story or script I've written).  Also, to this day, I've maintained that Jai would be perfect as the lead in my feature films COLOR OF FLAME and RETARD––sadly both, as yet, unproduced.  (Anyone have any money?)  OK, my "Tale Of Jai" has been retold one more time, I've piggybacked a little shameless self-promotion on Mr. Koutrae & Mr. Furmie, and I can now move forward on this review of TERMINUS, with a smattering of peace in my dark heart and still darker mind.  So...

What can I say about TERMINUS?  The logline reads (and I quote IMDB here):

"Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind."

Well, that's your typical movie sound-bite that makes Hollywood film producers wet their pants by telling the ADHD public everything and nothing in one sentence.  So let me fatten that up a bit and clarify (not really any spoilers here, so do not fret).  After the so called "near-fatal accident" JAI KOUTRAE drags himself from his overturned vehicle, in effort to follow the lead of some mystery figure (person?) who may or may not be a mere hallucination brought on by a major concussion.  Rebuffing the likely delusions perpetrated by brain injury, JAI manages to find himself a life-giving "pod".  This "pod"––obvious to any Sci-Fi geek or anyone not suffering brain trauma––has to be from outerspace.  OK, now that's all I'm willing to reveal about the story.  Go find TERMINUS and watch it, if you want to know more.  It's worth the search.  On that note...

Director: Marc Furmie

MARC FURMIE's directing is motivated and inspired, which is somewhat belied by the cerebral quality of the film––my latter point meaning, MR. FURMIE places a greater emphasis on the drama and the characters driving the story, than the trappings of the typical Sci-Fi CG effects heavy, alien monsters laden, blah-blah-uhggg, movie.  Thank you, sir, for your impassioned focus.  Which brings me to JAI KOTURAE.

 Actor: Jai Koutrae

JAI has again pulled off an intense performance; one that often appears as placid as a cold lake, but flares with explosive poignancy revealing just how much pain his character is suffering right below the waterline.  His portrayal of DAVID CHAMBERLAIN, an out-of-work, small town, backwoodsie, middle-American tough-guy-with-a-broken-heart, is realistic to a T.  And although JAI is an Aussie from Downunder, his American accent is flawless.

  Actress: Kendra Appleton
The next outstanding performance comes from actress KENDRA APPLETON, who plays DAVID's (Jai's) equally heartbroken and nearly estranged daughter.  Her character, ANNABELLE CHAMBERLAIN, is truly the pivot (the heart) around which TERMINUS arcs.  KENDRA exudes great depth of sentiment, but not cheap sentimentality.  She's young, beautiful, and full of hope and compassion for her father, but is also haunted by her equally tormented soul.  And when it comes down to the wire, like her father, she can be pretty damn tough and merciless in a fight, too.

Actor: Todd Lasance 
Our third lead in TERMINUS is actor TODD LASANCE.  His performance of the itinerant––potential danger and baddie––ZACH, is solid as a rock.  At first an angry loser coming from nowhere, and on his way to some other nowhere, he quickly reveals his deeper pain and compassion, as well as his hard-boiled anger at the world.  The human destruction he has witnessed, and been participant in, has scarred him emotionally, very nearly to the point of no return.

In TERMINUS the planet is on the brink of global nuclear war.  This is only a backdrop at first, but eventually floats to the forefront as a very real possibility.  Overall, TERMINUS is populated with dark characters trying to make there way through an even bleaker world; each fighting for hope and life in their own way.  Even the FBI agents threaded throughout the film, are doing their damnedest to perpetuate hope and life, although their poor decisions and near radicalism constantly made me wonder if they weren't the true evil in the story.  Possibly they were MARC FURMIE's way of holding up a simple mirror to reflect back the infinitely complex nihilism and savagery that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

I highly recommend TERMINUS for its grim, yet inspired view.  Its morbidity and its sometimes-violent passions and compassion.  The film is not unlike a single flower that somehow blooms in the middle of a deep, dark death-valley.

Keep up with TERMINUS on their Official Website here:

Please checkout TERMINUS and enjoy the trailer here:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

While working on a description of the main character in my new story, A CATCH IN TIME, I became very curious if ostriches really did bury their heads in the sand.  Well, after a little research it seems that's just an old wives' tale.

According to
"Have you ever heard someone say that someone has their head buried in the sand? Do they mean that another person has literally buried their head in a hole in the ground and covered it with sand? Of course not!

"What in the world are they talking about then? When people say someone has their head buried in the sand, they are claiming that the person is ignoring obvious facts or refusing to accept advice, hoping that simply denying the existence of a problem will make it go away.

"This popular metaphor is believed to have originated with observations of ostriches that appear to bury their heads in the sand to avoid predators. Some people think this behavior results from the fact that ostriches are so stupid that they believe burying their heads will make them invisible to predators. In other words, if they can't see the predators, then the predators can't see them.

"Animal experts, however, will tell you that this belief that ostriches bury their heads in the sand to avoid predators is nothing more than a myth. After all, if an ostrich buried its head in the sand, it would soon die of asphyxiation. Given what we know about ostriches, though, it's easy to see how this myth got started.

"Ostriches are the largest and heaviest living birds in the world. Despite standing seven to nine feet tall and weighing as much as 350 pounds, these birds have relatively small heads. When nesting, they dig shallow holes in the ground to use as nests for their eggs. They use their beaks to turn their eggs several times each day. From a distance, an ostrich leaning into a hole to turn an egg could easily look like it's burying its head in the sand!"

To Read More –– such as can ostriches fly and where do they live –– Please Visit:

According to
"Beneath the bustling streets of Palermo is a massive monument to the dead where over 8,000 corpses line the catacomb walls. 

"Palermo, on Sicily’s northwestern coast, is a city rich in distinct cultural traditions—a result of centuries worth of influence from Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, and Italians. A seaside town, Palermo easily attracts visitors with its sandy shores, abundant sunshine, and ancient architectural marvels.

"Beneath the bustling streets of this charming city, however, is something quite macabre—a place where the dead remain frozen in time."

To Read More Please Visit:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

WOW! Only halfway through January 2016 and already too many have passed on: Vilmos Zsigmond (85, master cinematographer), David Bowie (69, music icon), Alan Rickman (69, actor extraordinaire), and others. Off to a banner year, it seems.  Rest In Peace to all. May they be in a better place.

From the
"The world woke up to horrible news on Thursday morning, and it was that well-known actor Alan Rickman had passed away. This tragic news comes mere days after David Bowie, a music icon, also passed away. Oddly enough, both stars died of cancer and at the age of 69. Most times, a list of celebrity deaths comes out at the end of the year, but 2016 already has already brought out more than its fair share."

Read more here:
 Vilmos Zsigmond, 'Close Encounters' Cinematographer, Dies at 85
Read more here:
Also, checkout this great documentary on cinematogrophers Vilmos Zsigmond & Laszlo Kovaks: NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY: LASZLO & VILMOS (Currently Streaming On NETFLIX)
Enjoy the TRAILER here:

David Bowie, Dies at 69

Check out two new videos from his new album BLACKSTAR,
released January 8th, below:

LAZARUS from the album BLACKSTAR

Alan Rickman, Dies at 69
Alan Rickman Talks About Acting In DIE HARD

Alan Rickman in DIE HARD -- "Happy Trails, Hans" Sequence

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yup!  It's 2016.  And here we go again!  Things are looking a bit dark and morose right now, but there is, nonetheless, much for me to accomplish this year.  Let's see what happens.  And enjoy a little literary surprise below just to get things off on the right foot.

Best of luck to everyone riding the precarious rails of a new year.
Christopher Alan Broadstone

Well, it's 2016 and I've been working on finally committing my long-short-story/novella(?) to the written word.  With any luck, and some hard work, the completed story will be available on Amazon in Kindle format by March.  As an enticement, I am –– for the first time ever –– offering a taste test: Chapter One from A Catch In Time.  I hope you enjoy this wee bit launching my new horror, which takes place at one of the most haunted places on earth: the Hotel Del Salto Taquendama in Colombia, more quaintly known as Hotel Bochica.  (Special thanks to Judith Herman, BCP: Team-UK, for beta-reading this excerpt. :D)


Also, enjoy this YouTube video showing outstanding footage of the Tequendama Falls and the Hotel Bochica.  Quite outstanding!


#7 –– The Suicidal Forrest (Mt. Fuji, Japan)

"Located near Mt. Fuji in Japan, this forest is both eerily quiet and creepy. There are no joyful sounds of nature, only a deep silence. It’s the most popular place to commit suicide in Japan and since it’s so deep and confusing to navigate, occasionally hikers and tourists will come across corpses and bones."
Enjoy the other CREEPY PLACES here: