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Saturday, February 24, 2018

I saw ANNIHILATION (Directed by ALEX GARLAND––"Ex Machina") this morning and quite enjoyed it!

Starring NATALIE PORTMAN, JENNIFER JASON LEIGH, and OSCAR ISAAC, the film is quite riveting and also very interesting to look at––beautifully bland to begin with, yet morphs organically into an oddly disturbing color palette of grayish neon rainbow pastels––psychedelic with morbidity, macabre; everything real yet not quite so. The methodical pace of the film works for a great undercurrent of tension and dread, which is punctuated by moments of horror-stylized violence that might find you gripping your seat.

In the end, will you understand what has truly occurred in "The Shimmer"? Yes. And no. A modern TWILIGHT ZONE, not unlike EX MACHINA, director ALEX GARLAND has again created a very intriguing and smart film that is also fun to watch. Check it out if you're looking for a trip down Different Lane and Oddly Creepy Blvd.

Enjoy the ANNIHILATION trailer here:

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