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Sunday, January 13, 2019

E.A. Poe's "ULALUME"
Limited Edition

First Printing (2019)

Signed by Author & Artist

Find it now on Etsy:

If you love POE then you'll love this unique book just available directly from
author & artist, JIM LAINO, who recently spoke with me about the genesis
of his limited and signed edition––

" I think all Poe enthusiasts will find my book interesting and unique. This idea began with my preferred milieu when working with pen and ink was detailed images of old gnarled trees and surroundings. After reading 'Ulalume' I thought Poe’s arid and melancholy description of Weir was a perfect fit for my artwork. Over two years I put together twenty three pen ink drawings on 15” by 11” watercolor paper. Embellished with artist color pens and a little chalk pastel. Six pages are the complete poem with illustrated border."
––Jim Laino

To learn more & purchase the book:

Enjoy some excellent "sample" images from
'ULALUME (below)––Many thanks for these Jim.

The book also contains the POE "Ulalume"
text contiguous, for easy reading.

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