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Thursday, December 31, 2020



2020––The year it was confirmed (once again) just how easily led and media-gullible "the humans" really are––and to the point of pure lunacy and self-destruction... anyone out there still remember any history? Hello Marx, hello Lenin, hello Stalin, sieg heil goddamn Hitler! And now we're turning a blind eye and opening the Big Fortune Cookie to boot!
Keep eating all the lies the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and now FOX) has been feeding you. Keep it right up! I feel sorry for all those who can see through it all (I grieve for myself and my family). Because the horizon of 2021 looks like a flaming hell we just might not survive. 🙁 Unless some serious moves are made on the chessboard right now––this week––and the lies, the propaganda, and the idiocy gets flipped. But who in congress has the balls to do it? We'll see. I know one guy who does––and he ain't Chineasy Pirate Bidey-Poo.


Time to melt the Snowflakes!

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