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Wednesday, June 14, 2023


HAPPY JUNE 14th! And HAPPY FLAG DAY To All Americans!

The AMERICAN FLAG is an all-inclusive flag––THE ONLY ONE WE NEED in this country––it's not just some whiny little victim-culture ass-backwards propaganda-plagued piddly pretend-maginalized race-radicalized genital-obsessed faction-flag that cries ME-ME-POOR-ME & MY ALL-IMPORTANT STINK-HOLE!). Wake up America and stop the Woke Clown Act.  (Ahhhhhhh, I can hear the Cancel-Culture bells ringing now. Lol).  Funny how you never see the “Poor & Homeless” flag waving at the White House.  Or the “Disabled American Veterans” flag––and that ignored-flag list (and groups of people) goes on and on.  I wonder why that is.  I wonder why America doesn’t have a “Feed The Starving” month.  Hmmmmm…

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