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Sunday, May 24, 2015

LAST DAY!!! (May 24th)

PUZZLEMAN: A NOVEL just .99¢ US!!! And .99£ UK!!!

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“Puzzleman is a hell of a read. It's lofty & dense, fluid & yet obtuse. Hitting on all sides of the spectrum, from heavy to romantic to gruesome.”  THE MOUTHS OF MADNESS full review:

“Packed with incident, wonder, and memorable characters… PUZZLEMAN is a thrilling and thought-provoking trip through the screaming pipes and into the churning bowels of hell.”  MATTHEW SANDERSON (Independent Reviewer) full review:

“Puzzleman by Christopher Alan Broadstone is one ambitious novel.” “It delivers the scares and the gore but it also makes you think.” “This isn’t just any horror novel, it asks some important questions…” full review:

“[Puzzleman] is one very intense and excellent book, which cannot be read with a simple head right-to-the-punch-line mentality.” “...a thinking persons novel.”  HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS full review:

"Puzzleman is a book for hard core horror fans who are looking for something a little different."  "... it's original, it's complex and detailed and somewhat surreal."  SCARLET'S WEB full review at:
PUZZLEMAN Cover Art by Danilo Montejo​:

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