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Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEW!!! ZISI EMPORIUM FOR B MOVIES reviews NOTE-TO-SELF (by Christopher Alan Broadstone) from JOURNALS OF HORROR (Edited by Terry. M. West).

"Remember, the author is a guy named Broadstone.  This, in short, means that the horror will be thrust upon you from directions we don't suspect.  The subject matter is horrific enough.  Killings, gore, nubile and naive victims, ominous stalkings....all those would have been fine and satisfying.  However cliche, those are cliches that work in horror fiction.  In "Note To Self" however, though all the aforementioned devices are omnipresent, the scares emanate from the journey being undertaken by the "monster." 

JOH on Amazon for Kindle:

JOURNALS OF HORROR Edited by author Terry M. West​ –– JOH features modern masters of horror: E R Robin Dover​, DS Ullery, PD Caceck, Christopher Alan Broadstone​, Todd Keisling​, Regina West​, Glenn Rolfe Horror​, Jeff Ö'Brien​, Darryl Dawson Brown​, Robert Holtgrewe​, Sonja Thomas​, Wesley Thomas Horror Author​, John Ledger​, Lori R. Lopez​, Paula Cappa​, Michael Thomas-Knight​, Paul D. Marks​, Stuart Keane​, Scott Essel Pratt​, Crystal Leflar​

JOURNALS OF HORROR goes PAPERBACK! $14.95 on Amazon!

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