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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Thanks to Vitina Molgaard (my good friend and partner in cheese enchilada crimes) sharing the Facebook Memory post about my blog from a year ago today, I revisited FISHING FOR AVOCADOS and was thinking how strange––once again––that at that moment in time I had no idea that in less than a year, I would be back in Texas to stay after living in L.A. for two decades.

2015 was very hard on me emotionally (as were the previous several years)––things just weren't going well for my writing and film work, and neither were many other things. And I was going to be alone on Christmas––or at least spending a somewhat somber day at the movies, seeing the opening day of THE REVENANT at the Arclight in Hollywood, after seeing STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS earlier in the day.

Well, I'm safe and sound and back home in Dallas now, and it's a wonderful, very cold morning outside as I sit at my computer, typing this post in the great comfort of my warm jammies and robe. Life does get better sometimes, even if all the details might not be worked out.

Happy Holidays everyone. And enjoy several posts of music and thoughts from me a year ago, when I didn't think life would be so nice (and so different) in only 12 short months. And all thanks to my wonderful mom and dad. They have always been the greatest Mr. & Mrs. Claus for me.


"Hmmmmmmm...what to do on Christmas 2015...that's a big question this year. I don't mean for this to be a sad post. But I will be alone this Christmas, so I must decide in advance on a plan of action to keep myself out of my grim, dark house…"
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"One of my favorite DANNY ELFMAN music queues from EDWARD SCISSORHANDS that says Christmas to me is ICE DANCE. Enjoy!"
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"A very lovely and emotional re-imagining of SALLY'S SONG from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS by AMY LEE."
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Enjoy some music from Z FOR ZACHARIAH, composed by HEATHER McINTOSH:

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