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Thursday, May 11, 2017

HAHAHAHA! Well...seems IRON SKY (sci-fi/comedy/parody/B-Movie/Whatever it is) has its fans, and will be back with a sequel in 2018, IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE!

Due to escaped Nazis finding refuge and thriving on the Moon, the original has been dubbed racist by some, but as one viewer on Netflix states quite sensibly: "... there is a difference between portraying racism to make fun of it (as this movie does) and portraying it to encourage it. If you can't tell the difference between the two portrayals, perhaps you don't have enough intellectual machinery to be watching a parody." Amen to that!

Enjoy the IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE trailer here: 


THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM (Coming September 2017)––Starring BILL NIGHY (who is always quite good).

Billed by LIONSGATE as a "horror-thriller film", this looks Sherlock-Holmesie cool and high-brow, and I'm always a bit of a sucker for the macabre Victorian vibe, so...this adaptation of PETER ACKROYD's 1994 murder-mystery novel might make for a great watch on a cold winter night. I'm in––anyone want to bring the candles?

Enjoy THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM trailer here: 


WOODSHOCK (Coming September 2017)––Starring KIRSTEN DUNST. Debut from writer/directors KATE & LAURA MULLEAVY.

Hmmmmmm...trippy...arty...but will it make any sense or be any good? Time will tell. Although I often don't mind watching Kirsten when she's turning on her creepy sex appeal.

Enjoy the WOODSHOCK trailer here: 


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