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Monday, December 31, 2018


My wish for 2019? I hope people wise up, climb down off the cross, stop following the crowd of whiners, stop being victims of their own self-imposed identity and identities imposed by politics, seek empowerment of self through self-education and become an asset and not a dead drain; learn genuine history and science––not just what is preached to the masses––stop thinking the government can fix all your problems––let alone the world's boundless ones; and stop being cattle driven by fear mongers and reverse-racists and special interest groups and social-media-morons who abuse Godwin's Law and who also twist...well...

...just always keep this in mind: we've been in a climate change and warmup since the last ice age, hence we are no longer in one; also more people die from cold each year than heat. Simple facts...which brings me to my last hope? I wish people would rediscover and use Common Sense again and do their own research. Really, the truth is out there and it's not on the TV. It's in history books and science books and in simple observation and thought experiments and triangulation of information and cross-referencing.

I hope the human race will start doing some real thinking in 2019, is what I wish. And always remember, if you haven't seen or heard it with your own eyes and ears, there is always reason to doubt and not overreact. But if you do choose to get all your wisdom from the TV––the boob tube––remember this fact too: it's all done with clever camera shots and editing that are overlaid with the spinning of a clever phrase. What's in a word or words? Nothing. Actions are what matter––get off your tail-end and give someone hungry a sandwich, because just voting and crying aren't gonna solve the real problems.

And finally I wish a bitter and morbid death to semantics and opinion and memes as truth and wisdom (what you see on Twitter is equivalent to air in an echo chamber). And they who are without sin may cast the first stone at another (look in the mirror first). Always remember the Golden Rule––and if you don't know what that is then 2019 is a good year to start using a dictionary. Happy New Year humans! And good luck, you're going to need it.

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