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Saturday, March 16, 2019

(The Feature Film)

And so the tedious nightmare that is post-production continues. In other words, finding––and solving––all of the endless troubles that plague a VERY independent film.
In a cost-effective (which means short) indie production, there is no time for much, including rehearsal, proper lighting of the set (which sometimes requires at least three video layers to manipulate lighting in post), and also getting audio perfect without surprise noises (stomachs, movement, pops & cracks & coughs, and in our case a hot water tank that loved to come on––lol). But in spite of all of this technical horror I am managing to come out smelling like a rose...

Post-production and editing is what I happen to be very good at––even if I am not fast. But thank god I'm good at something. lol But from the writer's standpoint (which I am first and foremost), the film is adhering to the original script very, very well. I've found often on projects in post-production, many troubles stem from forgetting the script. Even as the writer, I have to remind myself at times: GO BACK TO THE SCRIPT! IT'S ALL THERE! YOU ALREADY WROTE THIS, YOU MORON! FOLLOW IT! lol

Enjoy a pic from the first day of shooting last October 18th (I think), with Tony Simmons and Gabriel Sigal: Scene-5_Shot-A_Take-1_Day-01.

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