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Thursday, March 7, 2019


In regard to my rebelliousness and THE RAVEN––my reading, someone commented thus––
"Loved the reading,but Mr. Broadstone makes an error.Instead of "friends",he mistakenly reads the phrase as,"Other FIENDS have flown before."

MY RESPONSE: "Thank you so much for listening and loving my reading.   More appreciated than you know. But I meant for artistic interpretation, not error. I also pronounce "thereat" in an extended way that nearly removes the first "e" and makes the word become "threat". Thus I markedly transform "friends" into "fiends" and "thereat" into "threat". Friends are often fiends and threats, which for me also adds an additional dark dimension to an amazing work of poetic art by a master of words, Mr. Poe. I'm tired of hearing too many straight forward and dull readings of THE RAVEN. I am not a purist and never intend to be in my books, films, and music. I am a rebel without a puritanical cause, it seems. I hope Mr. Poe, in his grave is not rolling, but finding my interpretation a pleasant diversion from everyday death." ––CAB,

HIS A-HOLE RESPONSE: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Therefore, thus, and upon thy sorrowful brow (ear?)
Enjoy my tainted version of THE RAVEN here––lol:

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