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Sunday, May 26, 2019


As the sun sets on this Memorial Day––as it sets on everyday––there is a profound depth of reasons that our flag is still there “at the twilight's last gleaming” and “by the dawn's early light”.  Those “broad stripes and bright stars” are still broad and still bright thanks to the men and women in uniform, who have labored around the clock, whether at a desk, or in a motor pool, or under the “rocket's red glare” or “the bombs bursting in air” of a bloody battlefield, and who have lost their lives. Each American flag is not merely fluttering cloth––a rag to be soiled with workaday petty and puerile frustrations––for every time you see the Star Spangled-Banner rustling in the breeze, you are witnessing the hearts and souls, the bodies and minds, of American men and women “gallantly streaming”…and who have fought and died (and continue to do so) for the greatest dream that America may forever be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  

Remember all of them on Memorial Day.
PHOTO by JOHN LEWIS @jack_of_sunsets

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