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Thursday, July 25, 2019

RUTGER HAUER Dies At 75, July 19, 2019
2019––In this year in the film BLADE RUNNER, so passed the iconic character of ROY BATTY, and so has also passed in real life, the iconic actor RUTGER HAUER who portrayed the dying replicant to perfection.
So saddened to hear of RUTGER HAUER's passing this last July 19th in the Netherlands. Although he was always great in every film I saw him in––LADYHAWKE, THE HITCHER, BATMAN BEGINS, to mention only a few––he will always be in my heart and mind as that amazing actor who delivered that iconic final monologue as he died in one of my all-time favorite films BLADE RUNNER. I am forever influenced and grateful.

As my friend and creative-producer Matthew Sanderson pointed out to me: HAUER's ROY BATTY died in BLADER RUNNER in the then future year 2019, and has also passed away in real life in 2019. And, I might add, on the 19th of July.

R.I.P. RUTGER HAUER, you will be missed and forever a part of the dark muse that drives the creative writer and filmmaker in me. And the musician too––if you know the lyrics I wrote for the ABOUT 9 TIMES song SUN CAKE.

More about RUTGER HAUER's death here:

+++ WATCH Blade Runner - Final scene, "Tears in Rain" Monologue (HD)

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