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Saturday, August 29, 2020



(The Feature Film)


After much experimentation, the Audio/Video transcodes and all the graphics, text, and guidelines are in the hands of the designers and authoring department at DISC MAKERS! 🙂

The ball is really rolling and the boutique run HUMAN NO MORE––TRASH-CAN VIRUS LIMITED EDITION––BLU-RAY will be available on AMAZON and in the VINTAGE BOOKSHOP @ Texas POĒtrope by mid-October. This Limited Edition will also include my short film A CATCH IN TIME: Chapter One.

I will hopefully see some printing proofs as early as next week, and I hope all my weeks of experimentation with the film’s transcoding will pay off. I hope some folks will take interest and take a chance on buying the Blu-ray when it becomes available. The best price will likely be on my website via the Vintage Bookshop, where I will offer autographed editions, along with special 3DG and book bundles. 🙂

As well, I am still perfecting the VIP Screening (streaming) for online. This quickly hit a big technical snag and has also resulted in weeks of work and might still not prove acceptable in quality for me. I’ll hopefully be working this out very soon with a new company called

I will keep you posted! 🙂

Current HNM VIP Reviewer Comments:

+++”Broadstone has crafted a genre-bending anomaly: an intelligent 'macabre thriller' that resists tropes and doesn't talk down to its audience. Gabriel Sigal (as Mr. Blight) offers a charismatic, enticing depiction of evil, while Tony Simmons' (as Det. Nemo) embodies the tragedy of jaded despair. With minimal sets, HNM creates a distinctive aesthetic that transports the viewer to a foreboding and mysterious underworld.”––Jonny Numb, Crash Palace Productions

+++“HUMAN NO MORE is a mesh of Shakespeare and Poe in which Christopher Broadstone takes us on an under-the-surface journey into the fiery hell within our own souls. The darkest aspects of film noir are dragged into Hell to deliver tortuous reflection and realization––an ominous invasion into parts of our psyche that should remain unexplored.”––Christopher Zisi, Zisi Emporium For B-Movies

+++“Whoa, HUMAN NO MORE is very intense and the story is something else! “Death” is a character not to be ignored and the film’s finale is not what I was expecting––it brought a dark and disturbing tale to a satisfying conclusion.”––Vitina Moldaard, Horror Novel Reviews

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WATCH the HNM TRAILER and learn more about HUMAN NO MORE here:

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