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Saturday, August 19, 2017

What disturbs me most about all these new bullshit political posts is how little people really know about history. How they cherry pick their bits and pieces of it to suit their blind and petty, ignorant and naive agendas. The misuse and abuse of history is shocking. And it shows very clearly how the current rants and rages of ass-clowns (right and left) is a perfect example of history repeating itself. Repeated by morons who think they know something about history––emotional reactionaries who have learned nothing about the true horrors in history other than through memes and out-of-context blurbs. All of this is the state of the human race forever, it seems. Simply put, most cannot think rationally, logically, with common sense––and worst of all––add up all the toxic garbage, purge it, and think for themselves. Damnit!!!! Where is that global killing asteroid and resulting nuclear winter where only the cockroaches will survive?! Where is it?!!! Have a nice day. :)

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