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Saturday, October 21, 2017

FLEEK?  Hmmmmmm...ok.  I guess my age is showing.  lol  How many out there actually know what FLEEK means, let a lone have used the word to describe anything at all.  Yet insists we should retire it and it was very popular last year.  Clearly I am more out of touch than I even thought.

FLEEK (not unlike "sleek")
1. flawlessly styled, groomed, etc.; looking great:
eyebrows that stay on fleek; her totally on-fleek outfit.

2. perfect; flawless:
That song is fleek!

HUH?––well, I guess we actually should retire this slang term.  But as far as I know it's been among the dead for who knows how long?  On further thought, however, I think I want to give FLEEK a rebirth, but with a bit more pizzazz.  Yes, "fleek" needs "pizzazz"...

This movie is "fleeking" super!  I totally dig her "fleeking" dress!  I swear, I "fleeking" love this "fleeking" "fleek".  I "fleeking" do!   Hmmmmm...I think I like this old/new term. :D

SAVE "FLEEK"! :)  The word needs your help!

 More on FLEEK and other slang here:

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