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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The parents and I saw ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD yesterday (after our delicious lunch at Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.) at the ANGELIKA FILM CENTER THEATER.

We all agreed the movie was very good. Intelligent and interesting––intriguing, then absorbing even––yet at first almost a casual meandering stroll that soon enough becomes quite intense to the bitter end. It is director RIDLEY SCOTT at his most subtle and masterful. You will definitely take away what a greedy, skewed bastard J. Paul Getty was––played outstandingly by CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, one of my favorite actors.

I highly recommend ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD (it was good fortune to lose Kevin Spacey––Plummer made a superior Getty, I speculate.)

Enjoy ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD trailer here:

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