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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I finally got to see the new GUILLERMO DEL TORO film THE SHAPE OF WATER, this last Sunday morning.

I quite enjoyed it! The best way I can describe the film is Del Toro finally made a "date" movie. This one the little boys in us will enjoy, but the girlfriends and wives will likely love. It is literally a "fish out of water" story, as well as the familiar misunderstood monster tale. But it's very much a girl (played with endearing, sexy empathy by a mute SALLY HAWKINS) meets monster, monster and girl spook then connect, (share many hard boiled eggs!), monster and girl fall in love, and love (and water) will save all. Maybe.

The art direction is wonderful to look at––a dark fairy tale, slightly steampunk world set in cold war America, that is reminiscent of JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET's film THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN. The story is not an original one––a mishmash of Frankenstein, Creature From The Black Lagoon, and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame––but it is told up close and personal, one-on-one much of the time, and with tender loving care.

THE SHAPE OF WATER is worth watching if you're in the mood for old Hollywood nostalgia, sweet sentimentality, want to despise Big Brother and the KGB, and want to see a Del Toro movie your better-half will shed a tear in, while she holds tight to your hand and arm, with her head on your shoulder. You might even get a kiss afterward. 
And you'll know there was a little magic in this movie.

Enjoy THE SHAPE OF WATER trailer here:

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