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Friday, June 29, 2018


I have been frequenting URBAN THRIFT, which is a wonderful thrift shop very nearby, and progressively finding things for the new HUMAN NO MORE film set. Last Tuesday night I was in for their weekly HAPPY HOUR (Everything 50% Off 7pm-8pm) and bought 12 glasses, plus stuff. One glass that the girl had wrapped up with newspaper didn't make its way into the bags. I went back first thing the following morning in hopes of convincing them a glass (.25¢––that's a lot on this film's budget––lol) had been left out. But they had the glass waiting for me with this note:

NAME: Black hair man
IMPORTANT INFO: I forgot to put this in a man's bag last night during happy hour. Doubt he'll notice...

Well...I did notice and thanks to that very nice young girl––who, sadly, would have called me the "black hair guy" if I wasn't so old. Uhgggg...

***Even so, you may all now refer to "me" as: BLACK HAIR MAN! Thank you very much.

Please check out URBAN THRIFT on FB here––always great stuff––visit often!

All about HUMAN NO MORE the film here:

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