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Friday, April 9, 2021


Watch, Learn, Wake Up.

The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism

“Our negative view of some cultures isn’t just a product of our own ignorance and bigotry.  It’s a fair appraisal of what happens in those countries due to the attitudes of the people who live there.

“Does that mean that everyone in Morocco or Tajikistan is out to harass, attack, or murder Western tourists? No, of course not.  But that’s not the issue.

“The issue is that Leftists have embraced moral and cultural relativism.  They’ve projected their own self-delusion that the world can be a utopia if we just all collectively believe it to be that way.”

“No, the world doesn’t work like that.  There are bad people in the world; evil exists in the world, and no amount of wishy-washy hashtag ‘Love Wins’ speciousness is ever going to change that.”

All ‘White Lib’ Cultural-Utopia-Touting Sunny-Bunnies should
all visit more 'exotic' countries and spread their pink unicorns of fantasy love.

It will be very fun to collect their Sunny-Bunny heads.

Or enjoy choking on your 'Cultural Relativism'.

Please Visit Texas POEtrope

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