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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ALL NEW for 2016! –– From Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!
Well, it's been about a month and half since any new food, so let's start with something light, spicy, and delicious to get the New Year rolling: Gourmet Jalapeno Peanut Butter Sandwich.

First, I started with two fresh slices of Nature's Harvest 40 Calorie Multigrain Bread. I spread a layer of spicy brown mustard on the bottom piece and cut it in half, then added two slices (per half bread) of sharp cheddar cheese, and then a leaf of fresh kale on each. On the top piece of bread I spread a medium-thick layer of Loco Cowpoke Jalapeno Peanut Butter ( Great stuff! Slicing the bread in half, I place each halved piece on top of the two bottom halves of the sandwich. Topping of each sandwich half are thin slices of cucumber and one black olive, drizzled with cayenne pepper.

As a side are two green onions, two pepperoncinis for an extra kick, and at last a healthy helping of Pretzel Crisps (Everything Deli Style). Outstanding!

NOTE: Just as of this year, your local Ralphs now carries several flavors of Pretzel Crisps. Give 'em a try, they're low calorie and only 1gm of fat per serving. They're great with any sandwich or make an excellent snack!

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