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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I recently picked up one of my all-time fav movies (dirt cheap at $7.50 on Amazon [now $11.50]) on Blu-ray, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. The film stars Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza (who is another one of those movie-character-girls that's just for me). (i.e.; the kind I never get, let alone hardly find in my life.)  (The rare kind that actually, seriously, ask you if you'd go back in time with them.)  (I said, yes.)  (As you might notice, however, I'm still here.)  (Safety not guaranteed––not with women, not with music, not with writing, not with filmmaking, not with... I guess that makes me more of a risk taker than I thought.)

At any rate...I know some consider this film very shallow. I don't. It has great and insightful humor. And, bottom line is...well, many throughout my life have wondered what I'm all about––hmmmm––I'm really not all that complicated.  Just watch this film and you'll know a whole lot about the inside of me and how I feel and how I work. By the end of this movie I always have a tear in my eye and I think of just one girl. (Yeah, one of those ones I'll never have.)

Enjoy the trailer here:

 Enjoy the film version of the film's theme song: BIG MACHINE

Now enjoy the bigger studio version of the song: BIG MACHINE

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