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Sunday, February 14, 2016

ALL NEW from Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!

Thinking I was alone on Valentine's Day, I suddenly realized I truly wasn't.  I had one of my most beloved friends with me: my stomach!  So I dreamed up something special.

A large, fresh-Mex enchilada––one flour tortilla stuffed with shredded, white-meat chicken, diced red onions and fresh jalapeno peppers, shredded cheddar, and all spiced with oregano on a bed of fresh spinach leaves.  On top is La Mexicana Hot Salsa, a sprinkling shredded cheddar, and sliced black olives. 

On the side are fresh asparagus spears, two red bell pepper rings, and white mushrooms, all brushed with canola oil and grilled to perfection on my Nu Wave Oven.  The asparagus is sprinkled with garlic and paprika and the mushrooms with a bit of cinnamon.  Then, as a side-kicker, three pepperoncinis.  I have to admit, this was extremely dangerous in the super delicious department!

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