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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Well, folks, the Summer of 2016 movies is already starting early this year.  So hang on to your hat and look out for some of these...

Shameful as it might be, I am a ROLAND EMMERICH fan.  I own on DVD and have watched DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2012 and INDEPENDENCE DAY countless times.  Those films truly own my guilty pleasure button and my desire to simply sit back and watch the world burn.

Thus, I'm very much looking forward to EMMERICH's new film and sequel to ID4, INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, exploding into theaters this June 24th.  It shows great promise to somehow make it all blowup bigger-er and brighter-er and more catastrophically-er than ever-er before! –er!

Enjoy The Trailer Here:

Next up...

I'm very much loving the catch phrase for the new film LONDON HAS FALLEN..."Prepare For Bloody Hell!" lol Nice!

Yup, my apocalyptic-fetish, destruction-loving self will probably be at the theater for this one at an early show on opening day this March 4th. Woohoo!

Enjoy the LONDON IS FALLING Trailer Here. And Prepare For Bloody Hell!

And last but not least...

Not since Robert Montgomery's 1947 noir LADY IN THE LAKE (see link to trailer below) bugged the hell out of viewers with its extensive POV––subjective first-person camera––telling of an entire film, has there been such a relentless POV-perspective flick as the upcoming HARDCORE HENRY is likely to be.

Since I can't stand most of the found-footage, run-with-the-shaky-video-camera movies out there, I'm already opting out on this film. But in consideration of the modern-world obsession with gaming, which is all POV driven, HARDCORE HENRY is likely to cause the gaming generation to erupt in spasms of mental-masturbatory mayhem when the film hits theaters this April 8th. Again, I think I'll be opting out. At least until I get some solid first-person perspective opinions on the flick. Nonetheless, check out the trailer and you decide if you're out too...or really right-there, in-it-all, through thick and thin, with HARDCORE HENRY.

 Enjoy The Trailer Here: 

Before I say so long, check out the LADY OF THE LAKE Trailer from 1947.  Classic POV!

View LADY IN THE LAKE Trailer Here:

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