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Friday, August 5, 2016

Well, I saw SUICIDE SQUAD this morning and...all the naysayer reviewers can go choke on their own poo! I really enjoyed it!

Is it a perfect film? Maybe not, but it's a long way from being a bad one (just my opinion). JARED LETO was excellent as THE JOKER, and MARGOT ROBBIE was utterly delicious as HARLEY QUINN––naughty, psycho-girl, baby-doll talk and all (however, her New York accent dropped off a bit here and there. But who cares with a body and face like hers––I didn't care––bring on more HARLEY Q.!)

SUICIDE QUAD overall is a fun, over-the-top ride, often visually stunning––and yes, you do have to throw some plausibility to the wind and just buy into all the trappings, otherwise just don't go.
Some reviewers have complained about the characters having no depth, but I disagree. I liked all of the anti-hero backstories and how some opened the film while others came to light throughout. And still other fleshed out as the movie progressed.

So! If you like dark, visually exciting (great editing), anti-hero shoot-em up, beat-em-up, slice-em-up comic book films with a little grim humor, then I think SUICIDE SQUAD will make you smile, at the least. But don't expect to see next year's Oscar Best Picture winner, just expect to have a fun romp and some popcorn.

Enjoy the multi-trailer pack here:

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