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Monday, October 24, 2016

Alas, my life in pieces, my life in boxes, I go back into the womb for a grand rebirth...not in Hollywood, but in a land of cowboys and aliens far, far way. Farewell La-La Land, it's been a great decades-long day, but not great enough to stay.

Enjoy the video here:


Yes! Here's another outstanding prop from my archives, just uncovered today while doing more digging and packing. 

The DETECTIVE NEMO desk blotter from HUMAN NO MORE. I believe it might have been Lee Bailes who thought of a blotter for the desk, and the amazing artist and HNM set designer Danilo Montejo worked his magic on it. Others also contributed a little, I think. I don't remember, I was very busy with camera and directing actor Tony Simmons (and you know how difficult and time-consuming those diva actors can be). ;) One day I will frame this blotter for my wall. 
Note Danilo's autograph on the 28th, Carl Ford's B-Day on the 29th, and other little touches.


Alas, some other collectors items––on the technical side––for SFM and MS. 

Note the very rare Russian dubbed SCREAM FOR ME VHS sent to me from Russia by STUDIO U-7TB, which I licensed to show the film way back when.

Also VHS copies of the extensive GARROTT DRUCK and MADMAN auditions for SFM, which include my picks Gabriel Sigal and Tony Simmons––both were above and beyond the other actors, of which there were about 30 auditioned for each role. Hopefully, there is still in existence the audition VHS for Sweet Irene, but I loaned it to chosen actress Lora Cunningham many years back and she has not yet returned it.  (I want that back! )

Also are the MY SKIN! master DV tapes and and the DAT audio tapes (which were not used because the entire film was ADRed due to children constantly screaming and playing outside the location. Uhgggg...), as well as the George phone ADR AIFF files (performed by yours truly). Also is the studio tape of Gabriel's voice-over that plays out the ending of SCREAM FOR ME.

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