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Friday, October 21, 2016


A CATCH IN TIME takes you deep into one of the most haunted hotels on earth, Hotel “Bochica”, Salto del Tequendama––and weaves together alternative history, art, philosophy, and the struggle of the human spirit when confronted by insurmountable evil, in this genre-defying tale by dark-fantasist CHRISTOPHER ALAN BROADSTONE.

 Enjoy the SKY ZOOM video of Hotel "Bochica" and Tequendama Falls here:


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"[Broadstone] brings out the tensions between people from different countries and first languages...[which] is a tribute to his precision, perfectionism & ability to create conflict that is compelling." ––Matthew Sanderson (Independent Reviewer,,

Enjoy the complete review here:

A CATCH IN TIME also includes the short stories SMILEYS' GRAVE and ROSEBLOOD, plus Nazi-Excerpt "Chapter 19" from the novel PUZZLEMAN.

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