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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A CATCH IN TIME: Chapter-One Video Reading Project...

Of late (and when not working on ≈9x times videos and graphics) I've been putting in many long hours on the upcoming A CATCH IN TIME video/reading project. Finally decided I had to ADR one short sentence that I had read without practice or direction, but finally figured out the proper delivery. Shwooo! Sounds pretty good now and I no longer have a need to vomit blood every time I hear the terribly performed line come out of my mouth. :D Anyway...enjoy the pics, my wrinkly oldman look in Hugh Hefner robe (Black CAB Productions dress code) and the fact that my drummer practice-pad makes an outstanding laptop stand.

I will soon begin work on the visuals shot on my birthday earlier this month with Julie Zepeda Wildridge, Rick (John Richard Wildridge), and my Mom (Billie Broadstone). Wish me luck. As always, I'll need it! :)


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