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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Finally got to see SPLIT yesterday morning in the outstanding AMC Dolby Cinema near me, and I was happily surprised to see that writer/director M. MIGHT SHYAMALAN has at last bounced back with quite a good film.

Although the movie is not entirely unpredictable (if you are familiar with M.NIGHT's style of storytelling), he was able to pull off a fast-one on the fans of his second film UNBREAKABLE. I, myself, am a big UNBREAKABLE fan and he had me walking out of the theater with a very big smile on my face. :D

As all the critics have said, SPLIT is a showcase for actor JAMES McAVOY, and he is NO disappointment. A very good job at bouncing around the multi-personality game board. As well, the young hot female stars (primarily ANYA TAYLOR-JOY) are also quite good, even if the secondary teen beauties (HALEY LU RICHARDSON & JESSICA SULA) aren't just a little bit too knowledgeable about drywall and general construction.

BETTY BUCKLEY is very believable as smart, forward-thinking psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fletcher; although she does end up being the truly-dumb-character who compulsively must go down the creepy hallway and dare to open the locked door without any regard to the madman-gonna-pop-up-behind-ya routine. Especially when she makes such a stupid setup-the-scare and launch-the-film-into-overdrive move immediately after the flick establishes that she is now fully aware and utterly terrified of the extremely dangerous nature of her patient who is just in the other room not too far up the hall. Oh no, he's not on to her at all. lol

Nonetheless, SPLIT makes great use of minimal locations/sets and is worth checking out if you like tales of extremely disturbed individuals that just might have a genuine supernatural quality. And remember the best line in the film, "The broken are more evolved."

Enjoy the SPLIT trailer here:

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