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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

(In Theaters February 17th)

I'll definitely be at this one! Trailers look great every time I see them––just visually outstanding cinematography.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS appears to be quite a departure for director GORE VERBINSKI who helmed the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films and RINGO––although he did direct THE RING back in 2002, which was far superior to the dull, original Japanese film (sorry to all of you who just can't get enough Japanese horror flicks. Most put me right to sleep once I get past the cute Japanese baby doll girls).

Enjoy the A CURE FOR WELLNESS trailer #2 here:

GET OUT––in theaters February 24th and starring DANIEL KALUUYA.
Very much looking forward to this one. Hope the actual film is as good as the trailer.

Enjoy the GET OUT trailer here:

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