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Thursday, February 9, 2017


SHWOOOO! That was hard work and a day of some unwanted surprises and delays. But isn't every production day?

Started with my arrival at the location to find very noisy parks workers trimming the trees. Fortunately they were done sooner than later. What was the real downer came when we hadn't even begun shooting and a cold front started blowing in––and blowing harder and harder to the point we almost abandoned the shoot for a later time.
But after the Canon camera was finally figured out (which had a manual ONLY in Korean, uhgggg), we got down to some cold and windy work that eventually found us all powering through to much better weather and nailing every shot I wanted.

So a very huge thanks to my crew, MOM and RICK, and my talent, JULIE, and to me for not going AWOL early and pushing on to fight the production war to the bitter end. We got some excellent footage. Now an extensive post-production process will begin, bringing the live elements together, as well as studio, audio, and more. Much to do!

Thanks again to RICK, JULIE, and MOM––you all gave me the greatest birthday gift you could give me: your patience, encouragement, talent, and time. I owe you all. (Just add it to the list, right? lol)

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