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Friday, November 10, 2017

ADAM HATS BUILDING––Lead character Amanda's loft apartment in my novel PUZZLEMAN.

While on our excursion last weekend we drove back through DEEP ELLUM, where I haven't been in many years; and which I played clubs with my bands, ABOUT 9 TIMES and THE JUDAS ENGINE, countless times––endless walking the streets and placing promo flyers on telephone poles and car windshields also––an ancillary night-life home for a decade back in the mid 80s to early 90s.

PUZZLEMAN begins on Elm St. in DEEP ELLUM. Back then, however, the ADAM HATS Building was abandoned.  When I began putting PUZZLEMAN on paper (yes, literally handwriting it) back in 1982, it was the first and only place I envisioned Amanda living, if someone had only developed the location into loft apartments (the large multi-paned outer windows play prominently in the novel). As I said, I began writing PUZZLEMAN in 1982…and finally in 1997 the ADAM HATS Building was actually converted into 90 very pricey lofts (how I wish I could afford to live where my vision began in 1982).

Enjoy some current PICS I snapped, some LINKS, and even a little EXCERPT from PUZZLEMAN: Chapter 6. I removed referring to Amanda's flat as located in "Adams Apartments" later on in final re-writes of the novel, but she will always live in the ADAM HATS Building in my imagination. Every time I’ve driven by––down in Deep Ellum or whizzing past on the freeway––I’ve always wondered if Amanda was in there…living in there even now. :D

PUZZLEMAN: A NOVEL Available On Amazon:

A Brief ADAM HATS Historical Timeline:

A Brief History OF DEEP ELLUM:,_Dallas

ADAM HATS LOFTS Official Site:

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