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Friday, November 10, 2017

WOW! Today is the one year anniversary of my very last full day in L.A.   Hard to believe. And much has happened.

Is life better? That answer is a resounding yes!   Am I any closer to achieving my dreams in life––am I any more successful–– the success department, not really. Am I closer to achieving my dreams? Who knows? Am I still pursuing them in one way or another everyday? Yes I am. But the point is: my life is just better.

It's wonderful to see my parents all the time––and spend quality time––and also see some close friends far more often. Simply put, it's just nice to be back in Texas, which is a very pleasant place to be. I wish all the best to the many wonderful people I met in California. Hope I'll see you again sometime soon. Take care of yourselves and I'll take care too.   Also, please enjoy my last day in L.A. with my video journal below. 

Not With A Bang... (L.A.-To-Dallas Series_Ep-05)

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