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Friday, April 19, 2019


It's so lovely to wake up on this Friday and realize (for myself, countless times over) that E.A. POE was right once again, and likely always will be. The obstructionists and the obscurantists and the greedy witch-hunters will always reign supreme in this world of blind eyes to common sense. Now also the gurus and dominators of the 'me, me, me, I want everything free generation'.

To hell with the human race, I say. HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY, humans in press and punditry and puerile know-all pageantry, forever spinning your webs to diminish the good that is done by constantly cocooning it, and calling it the work of the Devil. And calling it the Devil's work louder than your own demonstrable diabolism. There is no breath of fresh air. There will be no relief. Those most guilty and most wicked will always point their fingers quickest at "the other guy", through the windows of their own glass houses.––CAB

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