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Sunday, April 28, 2019

(The Feature Film)

So...this pic is what the first 30 minutes of the movie is
currently looking like in the Final Cut Pro timeline.
It's getting dense, but will become even denser.
"Click" Above Pic To Enlarge
Shwoooo! A 10 hour day today, plus it's been a hard two weeks of video and audio cleaning, sound-FX editing, and dialogue editing––with match and replacement of words, or complete lines, from alternate takes to resolve undesired noise issues. So...

That's 488 cuts being tweaked, for 244 pieces of video and 120 pieces of audio (meaning dialogue, not sound-FX or other), which are being dealt with for this long 15 minute sequence. Basic sound beds for ambience are in place, but more Foley audio is needed and sound FX too. Also all audio levels and EQing still has to be completed and then mixed. After that the color-grading for all 244 pieces of video has to roughed out and finessed. Long story short: there is still much to do before the current sequence is presentable for viewing by producer MATTHEW SANDERSON, and actors TONY SIMMONS, GABRIEL SIGAL, and JOHN LEWIS. Hopefully in another week.

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