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Sunday, September 1, 2019

(The Feature Film)

Well, well, well...and so...the latest section of HUMAN NO MORE (another 20 minutes worth) is almost ready for hi-res output and compression for upload for VIP viewers.

It's been 3 solid months of work on this piece of movie, involving extensive editing and then technical processing of picture and sound. I've again completed (well, close) some very complicated sound design and also color-grading for story. This film––depending on where you are within it––will not look and sound exactly the same. Similar environments change to suit the emotion and intensity as the tale progresses.

Please enjoy a few stills from HNM––actors GABRIEL SIGAL (Mirror Murders Killer), TONY SIMMONS (Detective Nemo), JOHN LEWIS (Doorman and other), and RICK WILDRIDGE (Harrington). Also, enjoy some rare CAMERA-SETUP and BEHIND-THE-SET during shooting pics. Plus the latest Final Cut Pro editing/post timeline for the current section of the film.

Learn more about HUMAN NO MORE here:

Gabriel Sigal as The Mirror Murders Killer

Tony Simmons as Detective Nemo

John Lewis as Doorman and Other

Rick Wildridge as Harrington

Morning editing, audio & post along with Frankie mocha and old friends Poe & Verne.

"Click" Pic To Enlarge: Current section of work in the Final Cut Pro timeline.

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