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Thursday, March 4, 2021



The Worthless Left-Wing Human Tripe Has Done It Again!

It is not only pure Nazism & Communism to ban
(now euphemistically called "discontinue[d]")
(ideas and thoughts),
it is truly destructive and depleting to mankind as a whole.

It is out-and-out "obscurantism" and it really pisses me off!!!!

And I DO NOT CARE that the corporation who now controls the Seuss catalogue
claims they chose to self-censor the 6 titles.  It is the outrageous and
all-consuming toxic environment that has been created by
the radical left
that is driving this insanity and proliferating madness.

Therefore, any ding-dong snowflake who supports
suppressing books
due to alleged racism, or for any other reason,
is not my friend, but my enemy.  Period.

Yes.  This is war.

And yet Big Brother IS NOT banning:
"The Communist Manifesto", "Mein Kampf",
"Rules For Radicals" or "A People's History of the United States"
(both of the latter destructive to genuine truth, as well as completely biased and skewed).
Nor is Big Brother banning (not printing) countless other books
far more detrimental to...well...

The Now 6 Banned (discontinued) Dr. Suess Books
are going for as much as $300+!

And they are as follows:

"And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street"

"If I Ran the Zoo"

"McElligot's Pool"

"On Beyond Zebra!"

"Scrambled Eggs Super!"

"The Cat's Quizzer."


Forbidden Dr. Seuss! Doug TenNapel in Exile

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