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Monday, January 30, 2017

INCEPTION (2010)––written & directed by CHRISTOPHER NOLAN––is truly one of my favorite films. It explores the complexities of time and the equally complex depths of loss and the human mind, and is an inarguable mind-bender. It is also extremely dark and profoundly beautiful. All of which is a testament to the true genius of Christopher Nolan.

When I create a story and finally put it on paper, I'm always reaching for those same depths and beauty in the darkness. Whether or not I achieve this is moot, but I am always reaching for it. Which is one reason I don't find writing a load of fun, but a necessary exploration and release. A way to understand the world I know I don't understand and don't feel I fit into. A world that generates extreme frustration and anger in me. But it's at these times I ultimately reach for films like INCEPTION, in effort to remind myself that some things can be truly amazing, heartfelt, and aspiring toward a greater good––art?––the latter of which has become more blurred to me over time.

So I seek solidarity in characters and in story and the imagination more desperately than ever, and too often feel just like the character MAL in the film, standing at the edge of the destroyed skyscraper and ready to fall. I fell in love with a dream when I was just a kid––craving the impossibility of creation––just like COBB (LEONARDO DiCAPRIO) fell in love with MAL (played expertly by MARION COTILLARD) . I have another birthday fast approaching and it seems like my dream is slipping father and farther away with every passing birthday (which are all coming too fast now), even though I feel the fleeting dream inside gripping me more desperately than ever. Again just like COBB is reaching for MAL, who is repeatedly and forever slipping away.

The performances within the brooding and labyrinthine fabric of INCEPTION are flawless to my eye. And the musical score is one of the best, which is what actually inspired this post...

TIME by HANS ZIMMER is a masterpiece of simplicity of melody, which is a foundation that only builds and builds and builds in power until I have goosebumps and teary eyes that can't help but stare into the depth and beauty aforementioned, that is the film as a whole. Even when I'm not watching it, I can see into it, inside of it, when this outstanding music plays. I can see the tragic and beautiful eyes of MAL as her head lays on the rail and the train is coming fast. And without mercy. Coming at me.

Whether or not the film INCEPTION is for you, I believe the music speaks a universal truth and language all can understand. It explains the film in a way words and the visuals simply cannot. :)

Enjoy TIME by HANS ZIMMER here:

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