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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Well, here is the HTH Big Black Book––the original notes/research for what was to be my second full-length novel that I started so many years ago. After PUZZLEMAN was originally released, and no one but about 10 people cared, I simply quit writing HEATHER's TREEHOUSE at around manuscript page 350. What was the point? And I decided to push on into filmmaking and script writing––my beloved band (THE JUDAS ENGINE) had foundered right out from under me and I was stuck in Hollywood.

Now many years later––and after heartfelt and untiring, insistent requests from a few (Karen Loft and Matthew Sanderson) who have read the unfinished manuscript over the years––I have dug out my notes and research on the City of Edgewood, Texas, where the story unfolds. I now plan to finally finish it by the end of this year. This will be a difficult one. But they all are. lol Enjoy the pics of a piece of my personal history and effort in writing, rising from the ashes. 

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