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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

HAPPY 4th OF JULY To One And All!

For at least one day out of 365, try to relax, forget the skewed politics, the lying media, and enjoy all that is great about this country––all the reasons you haven't run away to some other country, and all the reasons so many want to come here
to make their futures great.
Remember the infamous countries of WWII, where everyone was trying desperately to get 'out', not 'in'. That says a whole damn lot about the real truth of things. And, if nothing else, be courteous to your fellow Americans. The flagrant discourtesy that is currently running rampant in this country is unfathomable––from movie stars to sports stars to comedians. Those folks, as well as most people, would do well to remember, it's very easy 'not' to be in-the-know as they think they are. The truth––the real truth––is spun at every turn. So, have a very nice day and HAPPY 4th.

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