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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


A few months ago I accidentally ran across this great site that prints on-demand T-shirts with graphics by many artists, called There logo is "Each purchase supports an independent artist." Cool!

Anyway, I've gotten several great shirts for 30% Off (on a first order and then on sales they run regularly). Not a bad price. And you can pic your shirt color of choice. The quality is excellent! I really like them.

The pics below are a few of the shirts I've added to my wardrobe (need cool shirts when many are buried in boxes from my L.A. move). Also be sure to check out even more great vintage/retro MOVIE POSTER shirts by artist "anisariansshade" at the link below. 

BTW...Two T-shirts ship for the same shipping price as just buying one. So, you save money if you spring for a couple designs.

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