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Sunday, April 24, 2016

NEW!––Just heard from THRILL KILL director GIUSEPPE ASARO at MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARES in Detroit.  He had this to say...

"The THRILL KILL premiere in Detroit at MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARES went very well. Congratulations to everybody involved in the production and thanks to Motor City Nightmares staff for their great hospitality.  Without this collective effort we would have not been able to make this film.  Great feedback from the audience about the music, the photography, the writing, the acting, the editing and the directing. I will keep everybody informed about any review.  Stay wild Detroit…"

THRILL KILL Official Website:

Also, please check out the 5 Mini-Trailers I designed and cut for the film here:

Enjoy some THRILL KILL pics from Motor City Nightmares.

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