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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ALL NEW from Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!


This one was a little work, but well worth it!  First the guacamole––in a mixing bowl scoop out the contents of one large avocado and mash up completely in the bowl, next add one tablespoon of lemon juice, diced red onions, diced tomatoes, one diced Jalapeno pepper, and spice with garlic powder, ground black pepper, ground Cayenne pepper, and Lite 50/50 salt (all spices to taste).  Place in the fridge to chill.

Now the chili beans––pour one 15oz can of organic red kidney beans into a microwave safe dish, add sliced white onions and green bell peppers, then spice with chili powder, garlic powder, and Lite 50/50 salt (all spices to taste).  Add spring water until all contents are covered.  Heat in the microwave for 5-6 minutes or until piping hot.

On the grill (my NuWave Oven) place one boneless chicken breast cutlet, then spice with garlic powder, ground cayenne pepper, and oregano.  Grill for 7-8 minutes, flip over, spice the new topside as before, and grill another 7-8 minutes (or until 170 degrees reads on the food thermometer).  Place the chicken on a dinner plate, pour on Tapatio Hot Sauce (to taste) and top with sliced green olives and two raw, white onion rings.  Ladle the chili beans into a small bowl or cup and spoon out a healthy helping of the freshly chilled guacamole (drizzle with ground Cayenne pepper).  Add a condiment cup of Tapatio Hot Sauce for that extra kick.  Just fantastic!

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