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Sunday, March 6, 2016

EDGAR ALLAN POE has always been a notorious literary and historical figure.  But it's come to light over the last decades that maybe he wasn't such a depressed and inebriated character as his legend has suggested; a legend which he often perpetuated to bolster his own mythical status while alive.  Enjoy the article below that expounds on the real Poe, as well as the real-life origin of some of his greatest tales.

"Regrettably, the focus on Poe as counter-culture hero, cautionary example of the dangers of substance abuse, and grandfather of Goth may have obscured the reality of this immensely talented and versatile author. This was true even during his lifetime when the controversial editor and critic appeared as a character in other authors’ novels, poems, and short stories, blurring the line between Poe’s legend and his real life. Poe actively promoted his own legend by spreading rumors that he had fought in the Greek War of Independence and was held prisoner in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Poe’s reputation has kept him in the public eye, but it has also obscured the true significance..."

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Poe As A Pop-Cult Hero

"Almost everyone knows Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849). No other 19-century author is as omnipresent in today’s pop culture. He has guest starred on the animated series Southpark and The Simpsons. His face graces the cover of a Beatles album, he has fought crime alongside Batman in the comic series Batman Nevermore (2003) and hunted a serial killer in the film The Raven (2012). Among the many films featuring Poe as a character are The Raven (1915), The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (1942), The Man with a Cloak (1951), Castle of Blood (1964), and The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe (1974). Every Halloween season, Poe impersonators portray him at libraries, theaters, and graveyards around the globe. His legions of fans wear his instantly recognizable face on T-shirts, jewelry, and tattoos."

One of the most recent films capitalizing on Poe as a character in his own right, is the film THE RAVEN (2012) starring JOHN CUSACK  portraying the master of the macabre himself.  In this cinematic homage and exploration, we find Poe chasing down a serial killer during his own time.  

Enjoy THE RAVEN (2012) Trailer Here:

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THE RAVEN's music composer LUCAS VIDAL... 

Enjoy the MAIN THEME, composed by LUCAS VIDAL, from THE RAVEN here:

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