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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I had to deal with the most simple of medical "nothing" today. But it upset me that I should ever have to deal with any of it. I really don't care for the human condition. I really don't care for The Humans, as a general rule.

I thought, on the way the doctor, about one of my favorite songs THE JUDAS ENGINE ever wrote––I thought about my lyrics. And then I thought about a situation I'm currently in regarding the city of L.A., which is draining me. And all I could think of, suddenly, were some of my best words––my most powerful––something I've told the world countless times before, but at that moment I had to remember them for myself: "I'll laugh while you die, I'm not cut out with scissors, I ain't no paper doll, I am a wall."

My own words gave me strength. Enjoy the song:…/i-am-a-wall

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