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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Well, here's a unique book for the bibliophile who has everything.  Hitler's very own copy of his Mein Kampf (My Struggle; original title "Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice") dictated to his right-hand man Rudolf Hess, while the future Fuhrer was in prison in 1923-1924 at Landsberg Prison, serving a 5 year sentence for high treason regarding his ramrodding the famous Beer Hall Putsch.  (But don't worry about poor Adolf, he never served anything close to 5 years, and was pardoned on December 24th, 1924 after serving only 9 months.) 
Landsberg Prison

According to the
"Although it is thought of as having been 'written' by Hitler, Mein Kampf is not a book in the usual sense.  Hitler never actually sat down and pecked at a typewriter or wrote longhand, but instead dictated it to Rudolph Hess while pacing around his prison cell in 1923-24 and later at an inn at Berchtesgaden.  Reading Mein Kampf is like listening to Hitler speak at length about his youth, early days in the Nazi Party, future plans for Germany, and ideas on politics and race..."

Read the rest of this fascinating article here:

Back to Hitler's personal copy of Mein Kampf... reports:
"Adolf Hitler’s copy of Mein Kampf, the autobiography and Nazi manifesto the German dictator began writing in prison in 1923, is being made available for purchase for the first time since it was taken by U.S. soldiers at the end of World War II. The book will be auctioned off along with hundreds of other World War II artifacts by Alexander Historical Auctions, located in Maryland, on March 17 and 18.

"A 70-year copyright of Mein Kampf held by the state of Bavaria expired at the beginning of 2016, meaning that the book can now be published in various countries in which it was banned for the past seven decades, such as Germany. While Mein Kampf was never banned in the United States, this will be the first time its original copy is being made available for interested buyers — it’s been held by the daughter of one of the soldiers who originally found the volume in Hitler’s apartment in 1945.

"The auction house will also be selling other personal items once owned by Hitler, including signed documents, photographs, dinnerware, and books from his library."

So...better head on up to Maryland and place your bid on March 17th and 18th for this amazing piece of history.  I'd buy it if I had the cash! :D

Next up...
Nazis Hate Modern Art!
Degenerate Art Exhibit 1937
Hitler was a very frustrated artist from his youth.  After his beloved mother died, he moved to Vienna, where he hoped to be accepted into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.  He was not successful and was devastated by the rejection of his two attempts.  Imagine what a difference it would have made in the world if Hitler had been accepted to the Academy and was supported in pursuing a career as an artist instead of an enraged mass murderer––he was already walking the edge of an emotional razor blade.

According to the
"Hitler's friend from his hometown of Linz, August Kubizek, also came to Vienna and they roomed together. In Vienna, Hitler continued the same lazy lifestyle he had enjoyed in Linz after dropping out of school. Kubizek described Hitler as a night owl who slept till noon, would go out for walks taking in all the sights, then stay up late discussing his ideas on everything from social reform to city planning. Hitler made no effort to get a regular job, considering himself far above that. He dressed like an artist and at night dressed like a young gentleman of leisure and often attended the opera.

"Kubizek also recalled Hitler displayed an increasingly unstable personality with a terrible temper. At times he was quite reasonable but he was always prone to sudden outbursts of rage especially when he was corrected on anything. He had no real interest in women, preferring to keep away from them and even smugly rebuffed those who showed any interest in him. He strictly adhered to his Catholic upbringing regarding sex, believing men and women should remain celibate until marriage.

"Hitler was also prone to sudden bursts of inspiration and had many interesting ideas but never finished anything he started. Whether composing his own opera or redesigning the city of Vienna, he would start with much enthusiasm and work hard, only to eventually lose interest."

Read the rest of this enlightening article here:

As it stands...
Hitler's paintings (mostly watercolor) were always very conservative, architecture based, and generally considered bland and uninspired.  His personal taste as a painter also extended to his reign as Fuhrer––he despised modern art and considered it entartete (degenerate).  In 1937 he launched a major campaign, with aid of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbles, to put what he considered unacceptable art on a public gallery tour titled Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art).  Hitler wanted to literally show the world what was NOT appropriate artwork for his new Reich––especially art that portrayed WWI in a negative light.  One artist he particularly despised was OTTO DIX, who had done countless paintings and sketches depicting the horrors he had experienced first hand in WWI. reports:
"In 1924 the German artist and war veteran Otto Dix looked back at the first world war on its 10th anniversary, just as we are doing on its 100th. What did he see? Today there is a fashion, in Britain, to celebrate the heroism of our grandfathers and their hard-won victory of 1914-1918. It's as if the clock is being turned back and the propaganda of the war believed all over again. Even the German war guilt clause written by the victors into the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 has been turned into "fact" – after all, who wants to trawl through the complex causes of this conflict and face the depressing truth that it ultimately happened because no one in July 1914 understood how destructive a modern industrial war could be?"
Read the rest of this article here:

Enjoy some of Otto Dix's Amazing art and get degenerate!

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Ja wohl, mein Fuhrer!
Art Is Bad! 

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